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Custom DNA & RNA

DNA and RNA oligos in tubes or plates, modifications, and more.

Gene Construction

gBlocks Gene Fragments and libraries; complete gene synthesis service.

Target Enrichment

Panels, probes, blockers, and buffers for targeted sequencing.

CRISPR Genome Editing

crRNA, tracrRNA, Cas9 plasmid, and controls for genome editing.


Expert manufacturing services and MGB Eclipse probes for your commercial needs.

Gene Expression

PrimeTime qPCR probes, primers, assays, and master mix for quantitative analysis of the genome.

Functional Genomics

DsiRNAs, antisense oligos, and miRNA inhibitors for RNA interference and miRNA analysis.


PrimeTime LNA probes to analyze SNPs and distinguish between closely related variants.

Reagents & Kits

Kits for mutation detection, nuclease-free buffers, oligo length standards, and more.


Online Newsletter

Application tips, interesting research,

and citations to help you excel.

How important are those NGS metrics?

Of the many metrics used in evaluating target capture data for NGS applications, read what our researchers consider most important for evaluating performance of target enrichment panels.


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