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Custom primers

The accuracy of design and synthesis of a primer pair is the most important consideration to generate good PCR performance data. Poor design choices, erroneous or truncated sequences, and ineffective purification can lead to unusable results. We have applied thermodynamic and bioinformatic knowledge towards a suite of easy-to-use, online tools to help you design primers. We also enable consistent, quality data by providing primers in a variety of formats that have been synthesized on our state-of-the-art oligonucleotide synthesis platforms.

rhPCR primers (for RNase H–dependent PCR) »

rhPCR is an advanced nucleic acid amplification technology that greatly diminishes negative primer-dimer effects. Use rhPCR primers (rhPrimers) to create rhPCR assays for custom applications requiring increased precision and higher signal. These primers include an RNA base and 3′ blocking moiety, which, when used in combination with RNase H2 enzyme, comprise the unique components needed to perform rhPCR.

RxnReady® Primer Pools »

RxnReady Primer Pools are two premixed, custom DNA oligos delivered in a single tube. A variety of customization options are available: incorporate modifications or mixed bases into sequence designs, select a specific purification technique, and request final formulation of the pools.

GMP and OEM services »

IDT offers specialized manufacturing services for GMP and OEM business partners. Review our capabilities and see how we can best support your clinical diagnostics, resale, or commercial oligo needs.

Modifications »

Choose from a variety of modifications and mixed bases that can be incorporated at 5′, internal, or 3′ positions of primers or probes to improve PCR analysis in regions of complexity, or be incorporated into oligonucleotides designed for custom applications.

Design tools »

Create sequence and submit requests using one of our free, online design tools. These easy-to-use tools are powered by design engines based on sophisticated algorithms devised considering nearest neighbor analysis and other sequence design best practices.