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NGS Assay Solutions

Confidently detect more with Archer NGS assay solutions for your solid tumor, blood cancer, immune profiling, and genetic disease research. Reliable, comprehensive genomic information is provided via a streamlined workflow, powered by patented Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™) chemistry, and Archer Analysis’s user-friendly bioinformatics platform. Flexibility with assay content, reagent formats, and analysis settings ensures there is an NGS assay solution for your lab’s unique needs.

Assay Technology

Deliver answers confidently using Archer NGS assay technology, designed with AMP™ chemistry, streamlined workflows, and user-friendly analysis. Archer technology has inherent flexibility with different sample types, nucleic acid inputs, genes targeted, and genomic alterations detected. This design allows for customizable panel content and easy use of multiple Archer panels in your lab.

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Customize Your Assay Content

Keep up with the pace of discovery by customizing Archer panels with any of our functionally-tested designs or create a new panel that fits your content requirements with Assay Marketplace.

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