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Rapid HPLC™ DNA Oligos

HPLC purified oligos with the fastest delivery time available

  • Receive your custom HPLC purified oligos 2 business days after placing your order
  • Obtain fewer truncated synthesis products, often with purity ≥85%
  • Speed without comprising quality—the identity of each oligo is verified by electrospray ionization–mass spectrometry and purity is confirmed by capillary electrophoresis or analytical HPLC

HPLC purified oligos must be ordered online and are no longer available by email request.


Rapid HPLC Oligos

Delivered dry in tubes. To meet the ordering deadline, orders for Rapid HPLC Oligos must be placed online.


The Rapid HPLC fee for expedited HPLC purification will be applied for each oligo.

HPLC purification

High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) purification, a form of column chromatography, can be performed in one of two ways. Reverse-phase (RP) HPLC separates oligos based on their affinity for particular solvents, while ion-exchange (IE) HPLC separates oligonucleotides based on their charge. The type of HPLC we use is dependent on the sequence and molecular characteristics of the oligo. HPLC-purified oligos experience an unavoidable loss of mass, but this is offset by the dramatic increase in purity. To learn more about our purification services, click here.

Rapid HPLC Oligos are purified using the same equipment and protocols as standard HPLC purification. The resulting purity is >85% full-length product. All oligos are quality control checked by electrospray ionization—mass spectrometry (ESI-MS), with traces available for free on our website. If you place your order before the day’s deadline (below), your Rapid HPLC Oligos will be shipped on the next business day.


  • Purified to contain >85% full-length product
  • 10–60 bases; available with 5′ Phosphorylation or 5′ Amino Modifier C6
  • Each oligo is quality controlled by with ESI-MS
  • Shipped dry in tubes
  • Available in the US and Canada

Ordering deadlines


Available in US and Canada only.

Order online by 3:00 pm ET

IDT’s long-standing reputation as a leader and pioneer in custom oligo manufacturing is largely due to our vertically integrated proprietary synthesis platforms. Nearly every component of our manufacturing process is designed and developed in-house, including specialized synthesizers that can accommodate the most demanding oligo requests, and high-throughput automation systems that ensure the fastest turnaround times possible. We do not rely on third-party manufacturers for any of the machines or chemical reagents used for synthesis, allowing us to easily monitor and refine instruments and reagents with ease. Our ability to control these variables allows us to produce oligos that are unmatched in quality and consistency.

An important measure of quality for any oligo manufacturer is coupling efficiency, as this directly affects the amount of full-length product you receive. Our manufacturing methods allow us to achieve extremely high coupling efficiencies (Figure 1). This commitment to quality results in our ability to provide extremely reliable products.

Coupling efficiency for DNA oligos

Figure 1. Proportion of full-length product is a factor of coupling efficiency. DNA oligos from IDT are sysnthesized on proprietary platforms that deliver higher coupling efficiency than industry standards. The increasing importance of coupling efficiency to increased oligo length is shown.

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OligoAnalyzer™ tool

Identify oligonucleotide properties, including melting temperature, hairpins, dimers and mismatches

UNAFold tool

Perform secondary structure analysis

Dilution Calculator

Find the volume needed to dilute your oligo stock to a lower concentration

Resuspension Calculator

Find the volume needed to resuspend a dry oligo to a desired concentration