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RxnReady® Primer Pools

Premixed primer pairs supplied ready to use

All PCR and qPCR primers are produced with industry-leading coupling efficiencies, resulting in higher quality DNA products. Our specialized platforms allow us to deliver the purest primers for your research needs.


RxnReady Primer Pools

2 oligos premixed in a single tube. Shipped dry, or resuspended to your specifications.


The following mixing fee will be applied to each pool:


Every DNA oligo you receive will be deprotected and desalted to remove small molecule impurities. In addition, your oligos will be quality controlled via proprietary ESI-mass spectrometry methods, and quantitated twice by UV spectrophotometry for accurate yield measurements.

For oligos 25-50 bases, we offer the following yield guarantees*:

ProductAvailable lengthGuaranteed yield
25 nmol DNA oligo15–60 bases10 nmol
100 nmol DNA oligo10–90 bases30 nmol
250 nmol DNA oligo5–100 bases50 nmol
*Guaranteed yield will vary with oligo composition, length, and purification.

An important measure of quality for any oligo manufacturer is coupling efficiency, because this directly affects the amount of full-length product you receive. Our manufacturing processes achieve extremely high coupling efficiencies (Figure 1) and are standardized across our global manufacturing sites (Figure 2) to provide you with most consistent quality in the industry. No matter where in the world you are conducting your research, an IDT oligo is an IDT oligo. Our commitment to quality and consistency results in an extremely reliable product that will perform the same each time it is used. Because your research requires a steady supply of oligos over time, this reliability provides confidence in your research.

Figure 1. Proportion of full-length product is a factor of coupling efficiency. DNA oligos from IDT are synthesized on proprietary platforms that deliver higher coupling efficiency than industry standards. The increasing importance of coupling efficiency to increased oligo length is shown.

Figure 2. Daily monitoring of coupling efficiency at all IDT manufacturing sites. Many variables can lead to reduced oligo quality, including ambient temperature, humidity, and input reagents). We track coupling efficiency at all of our manufacturing sites to ensure consistent quality with change in variables. A 30-day rolling average is shown.

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